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Welcome to the best site available on the net for information regarding online poker bonuses.  Looking for the best sites and best bonuses can be a lot of work and missing something in the fine print can result you missing out on the free money that is promised to you.   Our job is to eliminate all the guess work and but you in touch with the best bonuses on the net. 

What is a poker bonus?
Upon signing up or reloading on your account, most poker sites will offer you some type of bonus or incentive.  However, these bonuses are not always as lucrative as they seem to be.  Most of them require some type of play through before a portion or all of it will be released.  In addition, there is also usually a specific period of time in which you have to clear the bonus.

The secret to choosing the right poker bonus is to know how much you can play and the method in which the bonus will be freed up.  For instance, a site like Ladbrokes has one of the largest bonuses available with a $1,000 possibility.  However, in order to get the bonus, you have to clear 10,000 qualifying raked hands within 30 days.  If you cannot generate that many hands, the bonus is null and void.  That being the case, you may want to deposit a smaller amount that you can clear and be assured that you will get the whole amount.

You will also find a significant amount of sites that will give you your bonus in increments.  For example, some sites release their bonus in $5 increments based on 100 points.  The higher your VIP level, the quicker you can accumulate points that will free up the bonus.  In addition, you only get points on hands that you are directly involved in.  The more you play, the quicker the bonus gets released.

Finally, there are the upfront bonuses.  Now these tend to be much lower than some of the bonuses that the other sites will offer, but the difference is that the money gets put into your account right away. 

Best UK Poker Bonus
If you are looking for sheer percentage, the best poker bonus in the UK has to be Paddy Poker.  They are currently offering 150% up to $600.  In most cases, the sites are restricting the bonus to 100%.  The extra 50% here is well worth taking advantage of on an initial deposit.  The bonus is released in $5 increments at every 450 points.  The higher your loyalty ranking, the quicker the points add up.

Best Micro-Limit Bonus
If you are just starting out in poker, you are more than likely playing at lower levels.  This means the bonus programs that are set up and released based on points or qualifying raked hands are not best suited for what you are going to be doing.  You need an upfront bonus that you can immediately put to work for you.  If this sounds like you, head over to and sign up.  You will receive a 25% bonus on your opening deposit and it will be immediately put into play.  No raked hands or poker points to worry about.  You will not find a better offer for new players on a limited bank roll.

Best Online Poker Bonuses
There are plenty of online poker rooms offering attractive signup bonuses. We have provided you the best online poker room bonus codes which you can take advantage of. On this website you can get the best Titan Poker Bonus Code, Pacific Poker Bonus Code, PKR Bonus Code, William Hill Poker Bonus Code and other poker room bonus codes.

Top 10 Poker Bonuses
On top 10 poker bonuses website you can find the top 10 poker bonuses and Bonus Codes which are compiled from more than hundreds of online poker rooms.

All poker rooms offer their own unique bonus to choose from. Make sure you pick a site that offers one of the best poker bonuses to ensure you receive the benefit of playing online.

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